For a long time, I have had this dream: becoming a developer and doing magic with code. Since I got familiar in the BI/BA side of my work as a financial consultant, I wanted to have more technical experience. In finding the best schools to teach me, about the subjects that matters the most to me, I was given the opportunity to make one of my dreams come true. To the teachers I am forever in debt: without their patience and my dedication, I wouldn’t have come this far.

Now let’s enjoy life to the fullest!

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Together with my partners we bring digital solutions to the SMBs: we primarily develop. Special plans are available for starters. We include in the term ‘SMBs’ all microbusinesses, homeoffices, small and mediumsize enterprises. The projects range from designing to developing websites, apps and products.
We also use the best techniques for virtualization of connected devices and visualisation of data.

More about data and datamanagement can be found at RRIAM Desk: the core activities for RRIAM Desk are within Risks, Compliance, Regulations, Integrity and Datamanagement. Meanwhile, some of the basics are written in the blogs on the current site.

If you would like to know more, let’s set a date and meet in Amsterdam, Den Bosch (‘s-Hertogenbosch) or The Hague! We also can meet in Germany or Belgium. Send a message for the possibilities.